Saturday, February 5, 2011

Food For The Big Game (day 4)

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. We are not die-hard football fans around here so, I basically use the Super Bowl as an excuse to throw a party. I love having people over to my house and making them food. It's fun. So, tomorrow we will have a Super Bowl party. If you live nearby, come on over!

Food is, of course a huge part of Super Bowl Parties, at least in this house. I will be making chili and cornbread and others who are coming will be bringing desserts, snacks and drinks, just something to contribute.

Here's some yummy recipes for you just in case you are wondering what to make for the BIG game!

We have a busy weekend planned and Monday is my son's 7th Birthday so, it's going to be a fun next couple of days.

P.S. Out of loyalty to my dad and the rest of my family, I will be proudly sporting my black and gold. Go Steelers! (no haters, please) :)

What are your plans for the Super Bowl?....and please share food details, if any! :)


Casey said...

I'm having people over to our place as well. I'm making pulled pork in the crock pot along with chips, veggie tray, pasta salad, and brownies! Yum! :)

G. said...

Yum! Pulled pork sounds delicious. Have fun!