Friday, February 4, 2011

{Family} Our Day in Pictures. (day 3)

Fridays are my husbands day off. A strange day to have off but, that's our life. Since "K's" 7th birthday is on Monday, we decided to do a few fun things. Usually if we plan an outing on Fridays, we will forgo school and make it up on Saturday so, that's what we did today.
The pictures were taken on my phone so, please excuse the grainy quality of some of them.

We got up and had breakfast, then we headed off to the arcade to play some video games. "K" challenged his dad to an air hockey match.
"A" went around pretending she was playing all of the games.
It seemed she liked that better than actually playing them.
Despite my intense dislike for McDonald's, the kids received gift cards there for Christmas
and "K" made a request to use his today so, we obliged. We have a McDonald's right up the street from where we live and in the year and 5 months that we've lived here, today was the first time we've eaten there. seriously. Wait... we did get ice cream once. :)
Anyway, it was a special treat and the kiddos enjoyed their happy meals! The toy is the best part for sure.
After lunch we took what "K" likes to call family walks. We have this little game where we pick a leader and that person leads us wherever they want to go. It's really fun. I'm very familiar with our neighborhood so, we never get lost and it's fun exploring different areas we've never been. But, let me tell was colder than I thought. I mean, freezing.
We took a break to climb a couple of snow hills.
The kids came back freezing and quickly discarded their coats and wet clothes at the back door.
Tonight, we had dinner and played a game, and now the kiddos are ready for bed.
Now, it's time to watch a movie with my man.
Happy Friday, Everyone!

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