Monday, September 12, 2011

Back To School...and Journey is a year old!!

So, we are back to school today...a week later than most but, we're doing it. With moving on September 1st, I thought it would be easier (on myself and the kiddos) if we waited a week to start. I'm thanking myself for that decision today.

I definitely feel less prepared than previous years but, I do feel like It won't necessarily hinder things. I stayed up and read through the lessons last night, and I feel like it will go well, but then I realized I had forgotten about a snack. I always like to have a special snack for the first day but, I forgot so, I will have to get creative with that one. I am excited for the curriculum I'm using. I actually decided to stick with the same one I've been using since Kindergarten and I love it. It also makes it easier to integrate your younger kiddos into the program when they are ready.

I'm doing some last minute prep right now by having a large mug of coffee!


Yesterday, we celebrated our one year anniversary of Journey Church!! Yes, we have been here for two years but, we have only "officially" been a church meeting on a weekly basis for a year. We gradually started in our home, went to meeting once per month in a hotel and then last September began meeting every week at that same hotel.We are growing and have a wonderful group of students from Harvard University and Brandeis University coming. They bring such an energy and excitement, we are so blessed to have them. We have also been blessed with several others who we are so thankful for and could not really function without. It is a blessing to have people who recognize and stand behind your vision and can just "jump right in." It is exciting, and what a Journey it has been.

Let's just say that life right now is pretty crazy and a bit hectic but, that is all a part of the Journey we are on. If everything was easy, it wouldn't be that exciting and adventurous, right? That's what I keep telling myself.

I may be back later today...or tomorrow with some "First Day" pictures. Oh, and we got our annual family pictures taken yesterday and I'm excited to see how they turn out.

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