Monday, April 18, 2011


"Mom, do I look like Clark Kent?" He asked while donning his daddy's old sunglasses, sans lenses. "Yes, exactly like him." I replied.

We are at the age of superhero obsession. A week and a half ago we had a mother-son date and we discussed alter-egos and how each superhero got his powers. Here is all that I knew.

Bruce Wayne is Batman
Peter Parker is Spiderman
Clark Kent is Superman
Bruce Banner is The Incredible Hulk

Not too bad, right? Well, that obviously was not enough for my curious little 1st grader. He wanted to know how each of his favorites got their powers and the only thing I knew was that Superman was from the planet Krypton and Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider, and that was just because of the movies. After doing a little research (thank you Wikipedia), I found out that the way things originated in the comic book series are not how they portray them always in the movies. Should've known better.

Turns out, Spiderman's web slinger-thingy that comes out of his wrist, really wasn't in his skin. In the original comic book series, Peter Parker invented a web slinger that he used.
Also, in the hulk movies and tv show, Bruce Banner was exposed to gamma radiation of some sort, making him turn green whenever he became angry. But, in the comic book it says that he was exposed to a gamma bomb explosion...or something like that.

I figured with all of this research we were doing, we should put it to good use. We are going to turn it into a writing project for school. I though we'd pick a couple of his favorite superheroes,
and write mini-biographies for each one. This should get him excited about writing. (hopefully).

Well, Happy Monday to all. This week is a break week for us so, we will be enjoying the sunshine, (hopefully) and maybe even a picnic or two.

Any spring break plans for you?

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