Monday, March 21, 2011

When Spring Arrives...

Well, it is officially supposed to be spring but, the weather here is telling me otherwise. Thursday fooled us with 60 degree weather and we went for a hike to celebrate the warmth. Yesterday, we had snow. Big, white, fluffy chunks of snow falling from the sky...on the first day of spring. Today is a bit chilly and not very sunny. I'm not complaining , I am just really looking forward to the real spring.
Here's a few reasons why...

  • Picnics...we love them. They happen a lot around here in the nice weather
  • lighter clothes. I'm looking forward to putting away my winter duds and trading them in for t-shirts and flats.
  • lighter food. I love comfort food but, as the months go on I crave lighter fare. Big salads with lots and lots of seasonal veggies, which leads me to the next thing that gets me excited about spring.....
  • Farmer's Markets!
  • Playing at the playground with the kiddos
  • taking walks around our neighborhood. Without winter gear. :)
  • The start of festivals
  • Resurrection {Easter} Day
  • Hopefully some visits from family
  • More city exploring
I will conclude by saying "Please, real spring come soon. We are waiting for you and once you are here, you are welcome to stay as long as you'd least until summer arrives!"

That's my list so far. What are you looking forward to most about the Spring?

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