Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

I'm still here. Just a teeny little absence but, I'm back with a little recap of our weekend, just in case you are interested...

Friday- School as usual during the day. That night we {our church} was involved in an event called With One Voice with 5 other churches in the area. We got home after 11 and got to bed around midnight. We were very tired. It's the latest the kids have stayed up. ever.

Saturday- we had plans to go to attend an outreach with our church but, tired and grumpy kiddos made for a change of plans. We stayed home and got a little rest and hung out. Sometimes it feels good to just chill out.
Kent headed to Connecticut for a friend's fundraising event and the kiddos and I had a movie night. Toy Story 3...again. I cried...again. Especially during the part where Woody says "So long partner" to Andy. Gets me every time.
The kiddos were in bed WAY earlier than the night before, thank goodness. I, on the other hand fell in bed around 11ish.

Sunday- You can read about our Sundays here. Most of the time they are pretty much the same, except for yesterday we went to the park where we are planning an Event for Easter. We checked out the area and then let the kiddos play a little. It was chilly but, sunny. Then, we did our Sunday tradition of AFV and popcorn. Then, we got the kids into bed and Kent and I chilled out for awhile. Have you seen Secret Millionaire? You will cry. I did. No big surprise there. The older I get, the sappier I become. I'm not ashamed. I think I may have spied a tear in my hubby's eye as well. :)

So, that was our weekend. Now on to another week. This one will be quite busy with things filling almost every day. In the upcoming days as the weather warms up, I hope to do some exploring of the city with the kids. I plan on sharing it here with you.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Here's to a great week!

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