Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Sundays...

*Last September we moved to New England to start a church. Here's our Sundays in a nutshell...

Here's a little sneek peek into our Sunday Mornings.
I try to get up at 6am but, I don't always make it. Mornings and I don't always get along.
I crawl out of bed, say morning to the fam, and try to get in the shower by 7 at the very latest. Then, I get the kids dressed and ready, make sure my daughter's crazy hair is combed and somewhat styled, and then get myself ready.
Kent usually helps by getting the kiddos breakfast (he's pretty much amazing), I grab some coffee and maybe a bite to eat but, not usually (unless my hubby makes me) :) Then, we are out the door by 8am.
This is our car...
The trailer attached is our portable church. Everything we need to set up church is in this trailer. Except for the most important part...the people. My husband is a champ at backing this thing into our very narrow driveway. Above you can see one side and below you can see the other side to get a picture of how narrow it really is.When we first started out, it took Kent several tries to get it backed in just right, now it's usually just one, sometimes 2. He used to have me get out of the car and tell him when there were no cars coming so he could try and back it in. We live on a busy street.

So, we arrive to our destination in about 3 minutes. From about 8:15-10:15 we are setting up. We set up chairs, sound system, children's area, coffee area, stage area with instruments, speakers, etc.. We have some amazing people that get there early every week to help us. We could NOT do this without them. Seriously. They are amazing.

We start our service (we call it a gathering) around 10:30, and end around 12ish depending on how early we got started. :)
We have to be out of the building by around 1 so, after we chat and have a little more coffee, we clean up, pack the trailer back up and head home. We also have amazing people helping us tear down, some of them the same as the set up. So thankful for them.

We usually get home anywhere between 1:15-1:30 and we are pretty much beat. After that, we eat some lunch and then chill.
Sunday nights we usually low key. We just hang out and watch America's Funniest Home Videos, have popcorn, and just be together.

So, that's a very condensed version of how we do our Sundays. But, Sundays to us are just a part of what we do...
More to come in another post.