Monday, November 15, 2010

A Request for Thanksgiving Help!

Oh my! Life has just totally taken over and as I sit here at the computer, I'm still not sure what to write. There is so much going on but, I can't settle my brain even for a second to pinpoint anything specific. Oh...I just thought of something...

I need some help from my gluten-free friends. This will be my first Thanksgiving after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. We are having approximately 8 others joining us for dinner. I would love some of your favorite gluten-free thanksgiving side dish recipes you've tried or even links to them. I would like to make a gluten-free stuffing and I'll probably make a regular stuffing as well. I would also like to find a recipe for a delicious gf pie crust. I will probably not have time to try out anything before that day so, I guess I'll be taking a bit of a risk. :)

I welcome any suggestions you would have. Thanks!!

Remember, too that when I get to 50 followers, I'll have a giveaway!

Happy Monday!


Tracy said...

Hey Gina - here's a gluten-free Thanksgiving post (including a recipe for stuffing) from one of my favorite gluten-free bloggers:

Hope that helps - good luck! :-)

G. said...

Thanks, Tracy! I love Gluten-Free Girl. I think I'm going to use her stuffing recipe!