Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things They Say-Thanksgiving Edition

My kids say some pretty funny things. Really, all kids can say some funny things. So, I thought that I would ask them a question to see what answer they came up with.
Here's the question...

If you could choose anything you wanted to have for Thanksgiving Dinner, what would it be?

Here are the answers...

K said:
"pumpkin pie...cranberries, roasted apples, soup, veggies, cucumbers, carrots...
broccoli, stuffing...turkey...ham. That's it. Wait...I want blueberry buckle, too.
That's 2 desserts. Yes!

A said:
"Deer, turkey, bananas, apples, carrots, cheese, stuffing, more carrots...
and for dessert, peach cobbler."

I was cracking up that "A" said deer. We have been reading about Thanksgiving this week and how the Wampanoag brought 5 deer to eat as part of the feast. I think that's where she got it from.

After they finished with their lists, K said "sorry you have to make all of this stuff mom!" I said "no, I'm not making all of this stuff. Maybe some of it, I just wanted to know what you would have." So funny.

I love setting them up to make me laugh!

*picture from google images.

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