Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here...

Wow, has this year gone by! I can't believe we are in the Christmas Season already. Sunday was the first day of Advent. This will be our 3rd year Celebrating. It really is a terrific tool for helping the children (and us) to center our hearts around Jesus during this time. We make our own advent calendar and do some fun crafts and activities. You can find my past posts on how we celebrate Advent here

This weekend, we set up our Christmas tree and decorated the house. The kids get so excited about going and cutting down the tree. I think I have just as much fun as they do (if not more).
We also were able to go to the Annual Macy's Christmas Tree lighting in downtown Boston. It was very fun and as my daughter would put it..."magical". That's her new favorite word.

In my usual procrastinating manner, I haven't even started my Christmas shopping. It will get done, I'm just not sure when. :) I am actually working on making something for my nieces this year but, that will have to remain a secret for now.

Go here for some of my posts on homemade Christmas gifts/ideas.

That's about all for now. So...what have you been doing to prepare for Christmas?

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