Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Coffee Tip!

It's no surprise, I love coffee. I feel like the winter cold drives me to drink more than usual.
I especially love holiday coffees but, they can be quite expensive.

Years ago a friend of mine let me in on a little coffee secret she had. She would sprinkle cinnamon in her ground coffee before she brewed it, and voila! Cinnamon coffee. It is divine. Over the years I've experimented with different spices and have come up with some fun combinations. Here's what you do...

Put your desired amount of ground coffee into the filter in your coffee maker. Sprinkle your desired spices on top of the coffee and brew. That's it.

A couple of quick notes. You definitely do not want to use a lot of spice or it may clog your coffee maker. Also, you want the flavor subtle, not overpowering. I usually just do a couple of shakes of each.

Here's my favorite....
2 shakes of cinnamon, 2 shakes of ginger, a shake of clove= gingerbread coffee.
*Note that this is for a whole pot of coffee. If only doing a few cups, you'll want to adjust the spices.
You can use more or less of each spice according to your liking. Experiment a little, it's fun!!

I used to be very particular about my coffee. I still am to an extent but, I definitely don't pay as much for my coffee as I used to. After trying many different kinds, I've discovered some of my favorites.

Melitta European Roast is my favorite. I like it dark. This is what we drink most of the time. I often get asked what kind of coffee it is whenever I serve it. They also have a range of Fair Trade and Organic coffees as well.
Equal Exchange Mind, Body, and Soul Blend is very good as well. Not as bold as the European roast but, still good. All of their coffees, teas, chocolates, and snacks are fairly traded and some are organic as well.

Well, there you have it. My coffee tip for the day!

I'd love to know, what is your favorite coffee?


Casey said...

I usually sprinkle cinnamon in my coffee instead of sugar...but I never thought to sprinkle it in before it's brewed! Thanks for the tip! :)

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

I don't konw if i've found a favorite coffee yet, but i do know for sure that I HATE mcdonalds coffee. no matter what amount of cream or sugar goes into it, i find it disgusting.

do you use creamers? see, i started using the flavored creamers and am now getting to the point where i just can't anymore because they're just so dang unhealthy! but what to doooooo, what do you like? or do you just drink it black?

The Mama said...

Great tip G. Happy Holidays!

Crystal Jackel said...

love the idea! thanks!

Sarah said...

ahh Cinammon seriously can solve the worlds problems..I'm convinced.
Wearing It On My Sleeves