Wednesday, July 8, 2009


So. I have a confession to make. I am not proud of myself at all for this. I am actually downright ashamed at what I am going to admit. Brace yourselves...
Remember yesterday when I talked about forgetting my camera when we visited my grandparents? And how I said when they came up for a picnic that I would not forget my camera? Well....Here's the confession.
Someone tell me, what is my problem? Am I that disorganized and scatter-brained that I just simply cannot remember to pack my camera? I'm plum out of excuses. I really think that I will purchase a cheapy disposable to keep in my purse. I know they take horrible pictures but, it is better than none at all. I always dream of preserving memories in beautiful photo albums for my children to see when they grow up but, I am dashing my own dreams. :) I know I am probably overreacting just a tad, but I need to do something.
I will come up with a solution.
Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

You sound just like me...that is always the one thing that I forget or even better when I do remember to take it I forget to use it...WHY - because I get to having tooo much fun with family and friends!!!
So sorry to hear that you forgot to take pictures.

Tracy said...

Aww. Do you have a camera on your phone? That's always my backup. ;-)

Mrs. Buck said...

Bust! I hate not having my camera around for key moments! I just always keep mine in its case in my purse which is doable since its just a little digital one - not sure what I'd do if I had a bigger one - tie it to the handle of my purse so I couldn't leave without it? that'd be hot!

Circular Logic said...

We bought a small, cheap camera and I keep it in my purse all of the time, and I've just gotten into the habit of keeping it in there.

I'm really bummed to report, however, that I forget to USE my camera, even though I have it! My aunts threw me a baby shower over the weekend and I didn't take a single picture! Thankfully, others did! A few days before the shower I discussed with my mom how I had charged my batteries and how I was definitely going to take lots of pictures, and I only took it out of my purse to show someone what it looks like (it's brown, which I think is so pretty!).

I feel for you, babe!