Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Camera-less Weekend of Memories.

So....This past weekend, I ventured to Ohio to visit my relatives. My relatives consist of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. I thought it would be a good opportunity to see them before we moved farther away. The only thing was, I was husband-less. I decided that I wouldn't let it stop me. I loaded the kiddos in the car and drove 5 hours. I had high hopes for this trip and it went rather well until...the case of the "Terrific Threes" decided to rear it's head! Honestly, I think 3 is harder than 2- can anyone agree? Her favorite word is "no" and she says it so well. She still hasn't learned that the outcome of saying "no" is not fun. I am confident that the day will soon come. I always pray that the day would be today. It's not.
We spent 4 days with both sides of my family. I realized that my children are so blessed to have 2 sets of great grandparents, and that I am blessed to still have both sets of grandparents. I watched as my grandfather told my son stories of when he went fishing as a little boy. I smiled as they played in the same yard that I played in when I was a child, and bathed in the same tub that I did when I was their age. They kept asking me questions..."tell me the story of when you got the poison ivy, mommy!" Wonderful Memories were created. Do I have pictures to prove it? NO. What is wrong with me? I'm mad at myself. First of all, I forgot the camera but remembered the camcorder. Did I bring it out? No. It sat in the car the whole time. Of course I had my hands a little full but, I'm not accepting that excuse from myself. Maybe at the least I can just buy a little disposable camera and keep it in my purse so I won't miss the special times where I need a camera? One good thing is that my dad's parents are at his house this week and they are coming up today to have a picnic. I WILL have the camera and I WILL take pictures. tons.
So, we are back and I am exausted but, thankful I made it in one piece. Thank The Lord for his amazing grace, portable DVD players, and the library for carrying Charlie and Lola Dvd's.
If all goes well, I'll post pictures of our little picnic. Pray that the clouds don't rain upon us. :)

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bethany said...

Ack, three is harder than two??? :panic:

It sounds like you had a nice weekend! Time with family is always good, especially before you move. :)