Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday Outings.

Went to the zoo today with friends. The sky fought off rain for most of the day. The sun peeked out every so often to tease us. The kids had fun seeing the Rhinos, monkeys and of course, the elephants. We had a picnic lunch and then came home. My friend and I talked over coffee while the kids played together. It's nice to have friends. We have planned to make Tuesdays "our day" to do an outing with the kids. It will be fun and something to look forward to. Last week we went to the canal, fed the duckies and had ice cream. I love the "Lazy days of Summer", where you can just relax and allow the day to take you where it may. Long days outside, picnics in the park, and casual suppers are all some of the joys of summer for me. I love that happy-tired feeling; when you're tired for a good reason. :) I thank The Lord for those happy-tired days. I can tuck the kids into bed knowing they had fun...and it made them sleepy enough to drift off in 5 minutes or less. I think today will be one of those days. Not just for the kids but, for me too!

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Darlene Sinclair said...

Thanks for the comment regarding my julesie girl. She has a special future, I am sure. God has gifted us all, and in His eyes it is all special and wonderful. But every now and then He chooses those amongst us to be regarded by the world in a unique way. To Him whom much is given, much is required. Julia has much in God, but much will be required. Thank God for her faithful Dad who is so carefully looking out for her in this venture. I am so very appreciative. And thankful too, for friends like you who are supportive and encouraging. Who knows what He may do...

Love you. Excited for His special plans in your life! Keep on keeping on!! May you touch many!