Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We are getting ready to go on a 5 day trip to visit my family in Ohio. By family, I mean my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, you know. My cousin (paternal side) has recently graduated from high school in Austria and will be having a party to celebrate. I get so excited with every opportunity to see my family. I am very blessed to be able to have all of my grandparents still alive and the cool thing is, they get to experience their great-grandchildren which is really great. Both sets of grandparents live in Ohio so we will literally get to see everyone! One of the wonders of family is that you can go forever without seeing them and when you reunite it's like you never left. I love that. I'm looking forward to reminiscing with my cousins, having my kids play with their 2nd cousins, eat alot of great food, stay up late talking, gathering to help in the kitchen, driving past where I grew up, having ice cream at my favorite childhood place, and just being together. We usually try to make a yearly trip to see everyone but, last year my dad's father was having some health problems so, we opted not to go so, it's been awhile. On my dad's side of the family, his 3 brothers all live in different parts of the country/world so, they will all be home with their kids which is great. And on my mom's side most of her family live in that area as well, with the exception of her sister. So, it will be one great, big family reunion. I really can't wait! We leave tomorrow, so It's safe to say, I won't be blogging for the remainder of the week.
See ya next week!

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Circular Logic said...

Have a great time in Ohio! Chris and I make fairly regular trips to Cincinnati because that's where his parents live. What a cool city! I think this year we're going to go to King's Island, and also drive up to the Air Force Museum in Dayton. It's a long drive, but we spend the entire time talking, laughing, listening to music, etc... Safe travels :)