Friday, July 18, 2008

Of Fasting and Spaghetti. :)

I haven't had the camera for about a week because my hubby took it with him to Connecticut so, I don't have any new pictures to share with you but, I do have a funny story.
Before I start, I should preface that my husband does fasting on a semi-regular basis and during those times will often sit at dinner with us but not eat or if it's a longer fast he may just have a salad. I've said all that to say this...
The other night at dinner I had made spaghetti (which the kids love) and salad. My son loves salad, this one happened to be made with spinach and he ate it first before he even touched his spaghetti. He asked for more salad which of course made me happy but, I said "buddy, you can have more salad but, I'd like you to eat your pasta first." He replied rather matter-of-factly "I can't eat my pasta, mommy because I'm fasting. I'm only eating salad right now." OK mister smarty pants. :) What a clever way to manipulate the situation, right? He still had to eat his spaghetti but, it opened up a discussion about why daddy fasts and of course, I had to share this with Kent so I called him and told him. It made me smile because I thought...of all the things he could be emulating from his daddy...he chose that one. How cool. And you know what? If he grows up to be just like his daddy someday...His wife and children will be really blessed.

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Sandy said...

What a touching post! :)