Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Still here!

I know, I've been gone for awhile. I think its been like 8 days or something. To be honest, I've been really busy and haven't quite felt like blogging. *GASP* did I just say that? I now deserve a place in the blogger's Hall of Shame. It's Ok, I deserve it. I really shouldn't be blogging if I don't intend on doing so at least once a week, right?
I thought about filling you in on everything I've been doing for the past week but, then I got tired thinking of how my hands would hurt from typing everything. So, I decided to sum it all up in small, to the point sentences. Not many details but, you'll at least get a small feel for what I've been up to. goes.

Got on a plane to Texas. Arrived in Texas. Ate in Texas. Spent time with my brother in Texas. Laughed, cried, ate some more. Saw Fort Hood. Visited San Antonio. Shopped. Said a brief hello to the Alamo. Danced my little heart out. Listened to the Dueling pianos. Missed my family. Ate some great "Tex-Mex". Swam in a rooftop pool. Sweat alot. Celebrated. Ate some good ol' Texas BBQ. Drank alot of water. Went to bed late. Said goodbye. Shed a few tears. Got back on a plane. flight got cancelled. Spent 15 hours total in airports and planes. (stinkin' Continental Airlines). Got home at 1am. Catching up on sleep. Keeping up with the kiddos.... I could go on but, I will not bore you.
The next morning after I got home, I walked into A's room to get her out of bed. She took a good look at me, smiled and said "There You Are!" like we had been playing hide and seek and she finally found me. It was so sweet.

So, that's what I've been up to. Basically, I went to Texas with my mom to said good-bye to my little brother who will be leaving for Afghanistan on Monday. Our time spent was bitter-sweet but, I'm trusting that he will be back with us soon!


bethany said...

You've been missed! :)
I'm glad you got to spend some time with your brother before he leaves, and I hope he'll be home before you know it.

Circular Logic said...

That's SO CUTE what A. said when she saw you! I have missed reading your blog while you've been gone! Sounds like an emotional time down in TX. I'm glad you got to go and see your brother off.