Saturday, June 28, 2008

Family Night.

Last night was our weekly "Family Night". K had been asking all week if we could have a fire and toast marshmallows. We thought that would make for a lovely Friday evening activity, and it did. But, we couldn't just have marshmallows. Of course, we had to have s'mores! And me, I was craving a hot dog. I'm not a huge hot dog fan but, when cooked over an open fire...I just can't resist. But, sadly there were none. :( Earlier that day it looked like rain but, it held off for us. The kids had a blast. We all love being outdoors so much that we're always in the mood for a nice fire.
The blazing fire expertly prepared by my outdoorsman hubby.The treats expertly enjoyed by A....
and K while wearing daddy's bike helmet.
My hubby (I know, he's a hunk.)
and, all know who this is.
We had a great time. After we put the kiddos in bed, Kent and I went back out by the fire and enjoyed some nice, relaxing was lovely. I was still craving a hot dog.
(NO, I'm not pregnant). :)
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Circular Logic said...

The "NO I'm not pregnant" comment made me laugh. On my list of future blog topics is "Just because I throw up doesn't mean that I'm pregnant!!!" I get that question a LOT from my friends at work since I'm 30 and still don't have kids.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I think we have the same firepit! We love sitting out on the patio just relaxing as a family. It the best part of my day when we do that.

Glad you guys had a wonderful time together. Those special times are the great memories your kids will have when they are grown.