Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Would you like your phone scrambled...or fried?

Ok, so I told you yesterday that my cell phone got fried. Indeed it did. Here's the story...
On the morning of Memorial Day, I called a friend of mine (on our house phone) to see what time the parade started. I purposely was keeping the call short because I knew if any sort of long conversation started..some kind of trouble would start brewing. Anyway, I was in the middle of talking to my friend when all of a sudden I heard K laugh and run away from the microwave...and that's when I saw sparks. I quickly ran over and stopped the microwave and promptly ended my conversation. As I opened the microwave, a lovely wave of smoke greeted me, along with a terrible smell of burnt metal and plastic. The phone didn't look that bad other than a couple of small burn marks and a spot that is melted. We have made it a point to tell the kids that microwaves are for food only and for mommy's and daddy's to use. They are not allowed to touch it. But, this time he had obviously decided it was worth disobeying that rule. He received a consequence and hasn't touched it since. I shared with him that he could have gotten badly hurt and what happens when we put non-food items in the microwave. I was quite frustrated over the whole thing because my husband had just given me the phone (it was his old one) and it was really nice but, oh well it's just a least no one got hurt.
2 days later, I am chuckling about it. Barely....but still, chuckling. :)


Amanda said...

oh my, yah that's not really the best way to learn what happens to metal in a microwave! I did it with a mini tea set with metal coating over the plastic... well hopefully your new phone will be just as cool if not cooler!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Mischievous little man! :) I love that you are laughing about it... I'm not so sure if I would be able to do that :)

A great story for the baby book!!


Courtney said...

oh dear... so glad you're able to laugh about it - even if it's only a bit :)