Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day.

american flag

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. We sure did but, unfortunately have no pictures to show for it. I am notorious for forgetting the camera for everything.
We started the day off with going to a parade in a nearby town. The kids enjoyed seeing the fire trucks and horses. We took a minute to explain to K (age appropriately) what Memorial Day was all about. After the parade we came home and had a traditional Memorial Day cookout complete with Hot Dogs and Watermelon. After a nice lunch and lots of play in the yard, the kids took a nice long nap. (both of them...yay!) While they were napping, I did some cultivating (I love that word) in my garden and my neighbor came over and helped me plant some beans, cucumbers, and a grape tomato plant. I am excited to see how it all turns out. Later on we had Breakfast for Dinner which is a favorite around here. My husband and I lead a small group for our church and we meet on Monday nights. We still planned on meeting yesterday but only one made it so He and Kent hung out and watched a movie and I did some menu-planning, made my grocery list and watched Jon and Kate + 8. I turned in at 11pm. I'd say it was a pretty full and fun day.
Oh, and did I mention that my cell phone got fried in the microwave? I'll leave that one for another day. :)

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Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Sounds like a great Memorial day!! i really missed going to the parade we always went to back in Vermont - it was fantastic!

I am REALLY looking forward to the fried cell phone story!