Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wordless Wednesday With A Twist.

I've admired others entries from past WWWAT and it looked like fun, so I decided to join in. So, go check out American Mum's blog and join in. This week's theme is Chocolate.

I brainstormed like crazy for this one and this is all that I could come up with. (with a little help from my mom)
I call this: Two things Women Love...

Chocolate and a manicure. :)

*BTW, these hands are my mom's...mine don't look that nice. :)

I know it's a little fuzzy but, then again, it wouldn't be a picture taken by me if it were completely in focus and perfect :)


American Mum said...

Thanks for joining in! I'm a typical woman - I do love both of those things!

Kim said...

I LOVE your comment about it not being a picture taken by you if it were in focus, that is so sweet and endearing!!

Me too, love 'em both!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful nails and yummy chocolate! I love those two things also! Oh!!!! That is me!!!

Amanda said...

you're too funny!

and yes, i too love both :)