Sunday, May 11, 2008

And The Winner Is...

CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica from Farm Fresh for being our random picked winner of the Memories of Mom Giveaway! She will receive 2 pairs of earrings handmade by me. Thank you to all who entered and linked me on your blogs as well. This was fun! I enjoyed reading all of your memories so much, I decided to post a few of my faves, though they were all very special!

"When my brother and I were little she used to tuck us into bed and then go down the stairs and play the piano for us. She had a few songs that she was particularly good at, so those were the ones that we always requested... I think one of them was moon river... and another was the theme song from terms of endearment. I haven't heard those songs in so long, but I remember hearing one of them a few years ago and it took me right back to that childhood place :)"
by Amanda from My Not So Extraordinary but Always Exciting Life

"My favorite mom memory...I am left-handed and my mom is right handed. When I was a young girl, she taught me to knit and crochet using a big mirror in her bedroom. We would sit side my side on her bed and I would copy her image in the mirror. It worked too - I can still knit and crochet, and I still have such wonderful memories of learning how. Thanks for bringing that back!"
by zentmrs from San Diego Daily Photo

"Here's a memory of my mom that I was just talking about last night...When I was in the hospital giving birth to my first child, my mom arrived and couldn't bear to see her daughter in pain. She looked at me and said, "Don't be brave," which meant take the pain medicine. :-)It was too late at that point, but I'll always remember her saying, "Don't be brave." "
by Dawn from My Home Sweet Home

Hope all of you moms had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Whoo-hoo Jessica!!!

This was fun G! I had a blast reading all the memories that were posted!

Hope you had a great Mother's Day!


Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

Thanks for the link. :-) This was a fun contest - congrats to the winner!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I can't believe I won! I loved reading all the memories... it gives me hope that my kiddlets will look fondly back at their childhood days...