Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random Stuff.

We've had quite the busy week around here. We thought our computer was destroyed by the "Trojan Horse" virus but, thankfully I think our virus protector got it- it seems to be working OK now. I think in previous blogs I have stated that I don't necessarily care to bake as much as I like to cook...well, let me just say that I have been baking my little heart out all week and I think I've sort of been forced into enjoying it a little. Let's's what I made ( in case you're curious), 2 batches of fudge, a batch of toffee, cupcakes for K's preschool class, hamburger rolls, and cranberry pumpkin bread. Actually, not all of them required baking. I give "props" to all of the ladies who bake 11 different kinds of Christmas cookies (mom) - not me. I make as much as I can handle without getting stressed out. That works better for me.
I volunteered to plan some games and activities for K's Christmas Party at school. Today was the day. We had alot of fun. We made the candy cane Rudolph's that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. We decorated cupcakes for Jesus' birthday. We put a bunch of bells in the middle of a huge parachute and shook it like crazy while singing "Jingle Bells", We also played "musical Candy Cane". I think the kids had a nice time. Tonight is K's Christmas program for school and he plays the part of The Angel. He is so excited and knows his line very well..."Glory to God in the highest, Peace on Earth, goodwill to men." I can't wait to see him. We are really enjoying this Holiday season together. It is wonderful to see how much K is enjoying himself and really being able to understand more and more about why we celebrate Christmas.
I've really enjoyed reading all of the blogs from other ladies who are baking and spending time with their friends and family, and making traditions. It's great to see the different ways we all celebrate the holidays. I may post one or two more before Christmas but, as the weekend begins, we will be busy so, we'll see. Have a good one.


Michelle said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday so far. Your posts have made me excited to teach Samuel about Christmas next year when I know he'll understand better. I am definitely going to do the Rudolph candy canes!

I bet your so excited for K's program tonight. Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hope the hamburger rolls turned out good.