Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Survey

I thought this was something fun to share with everyone. If you like it, copy it and put it on your own blog. I'd love to read your answers.

What's your favorite ornament hanging on your tree?:

the spice ornaments I made with the kids.

What's better: Sledding or Snow Angels?:sledding.
Do you put marshmellows in your hot chocolate?:nope- I like whip cream!
Tell me a funny sledding story.:It just happened actually. I was sliding down the hill and I ran into our swingset and flew off of the sled...funny!
Do you still get pictures with Santa?:no.
What's your favorite holiday food?:I look forward to my mom's molasses cookies and rum balls.
What do you want for Christmas this year?:I didn't really make a list but, I wouldn't mind some $$ to get some stuff for the house.
Did you go shopping on Black Friday?:No, but I went out for lunch and coffee with my mom and grandma.
Are you on the naughty or nice list?:I hope on the nice list. :)
Give one reason why you think you're on the list you chose.:I guess I don't have a reason. :)
Do you have fake trees or real trees?:real.
Are you good at guessing what's inside the presents?:sometimes.
How early do you get up on Christmas morning?:As early as the kiddos get up.
Do you have a system for opening presents at your house?:We usually take turns so we can see what everyone gets.
How many days before Christmas do presents start appearing under your tree?:On Christmas Eve.
What's your favorite Christmas decoration?:Hmmm...probably the tree.
Do you like icicle lights?:yes, we have them up outside.
Are you good at making Gingerbread houses?:I haven't tried but, I've made gingerbread a couple of times so far.
Does it snow where you live?:Oh yes!
If not, do you wish it did?:I wish it didn't :)
Do you use advent calendars to count down the days til Christmas?:Yes.
What event lets you know that Christmas is coming up?:When people start having parties.
What's your favorite holiday drink from Starbucks?:I like the eggnog latte. Sometimes when I tell people that, they give me the "gag" look. :)
Do you like red or green better?:green!
Do you eat candy canes?:I will eat a piece of them but, I can't eat the whole thing.
Have you ever made it on the news because your house is so decorated?:Of course! Just joking....definitely not.
How many Christmas songs do you know by heart?:I know many of them.
How good are you at wrapping presents?:horrible. Thank God for gift bags, and my husband who is good at it.
What type of wrapping paper is your favorite?:none- see above question.
Do you post bulletins on Myspace wishing people a Merry Christmas?:I believe I did last year.
Do you have Christmas layouts and songs for your Myspace profile?:Yes.
Does your school do a food drive?:I don't go to school.
Have you ever been to Rockefeller Center to see the tree?:No- I wish.
What about Disney World?:nope
Any cool family traditions?:We make homemade pizza with each of our fave toppings on Christmas Eve, this year we started celebrating Advent, stockings are also a tradition
How many people do you buy presents for?:approximately 15
Have you ever told a little kid Santa isn't real?:K knows he's pretend.
Do you have any cute holiday outfits?:Not really, I do own a couple of things that are red.
Does your family get a picture taken and send it out in Christmas cards?:We took one this year and sent it out with our newsletters.
What type of tree topper do you have?:A gold and Ivory star.
On a scale of 1-10, how decorated is your house?:6
Would anyone ever call you a grinch?:no way!
Do you and your friends do "Secret Santas?":No but, it would be fun!
Do you think Snowflake-Shaped Ritz Crackers taste better than regular ones?:I like triscuits better than ritz.
Do you go to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve?:No but, we have a service at 6pm that we go to.
What Christmas movie do you watch EVERY YEAR at Christmas Time?:Since it came out, we watch Elf
Would you rather get one big gift or a lot of little gifts?:Honestly- It doesn't really matter.
Whats the first thing you do after all your presents are opened?:go back and look through everything again. :)
Whats more fun: the days leading up to Christmas, or Christmas itself?:I enjoy the whole thing!
Do you do any community service stuff around Christmas time?:I wouldn't call it community service but, there are certain things we do.
Are you excited for Christmas this year?:Yes.
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