Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Christmas Pageant.

On Thursday evening, my son participated in a Christmas Pagaent for his Pre-school. He had been given the part of The Angel, and was sooo excited. He had his line memorized the first day. "Glory to God in The Highest, Peace on Earth, goodwill to men." He was so proud. That day was very special for him. He had his Christmas party that morning and that evening I made a special dinner for him. He kept saying it was his special day. We wanted him to feel important. That night we watched all of the children file into the room in all of their costumes. Mary, Joseph, shepherds, wisemen, and the little angel. Everyone was taking pictures and oohing and aahing over how cute they all looked. The narration began and the children acted out the story. Then, it got to the part of the angel and K walked in and stood right where he was supposed to and all of a sudden, when it came time for him to say his line....he froze. He looked like a little deer in headlights. The teacher kept prompting him to say his line but he just stood there staring into space like he was scared to death. I wanted to get up and go and tell him it was Ok but, they just kept going. The rest of the time he just looked like he wasn't sure about this whole thing. Honestly, it was kind of cute. They sang some more songs and then, it was over. It was really great. The teachers did a wonderful job of showing the children the true Christmas meaning. They sang the song "Oh how I love Jesus" and tears filled my eyes as I watched my son sing the words. I was glad he could be a part of this. I was talking to the one of the teacher's afterward and I told her, I didn't think it would be complete without a few flaws. I kind of like it that way. It gave it character and excitement. I was proud of K. We briefly asked him if he was afraid to say his line and he said "all of the mommy's and daddy's were looking at me." We encouraged him and left it at that. We told him we were proud of him and he made a great angel. Then, he went and ran around with all of the other kids and went usual. :) Anyway, before I get too long winded, here are some pictures. Sorry, they are a little dark. (Photography is not my strong suit.)

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Anonymous said...

Sorry K froze! I think I would have too with all those new faces watching but I'm glad he had a good time. Sounds like you handled it great. Merry Christmas-no baby yet but soon I think.