Monday, November 12, 2007


Will someone please tell me what is going on? My little one (A) is sick again. Well, it's actually been a month since she was last sick but, still. She has a very croup-y sounding cough and has had fevers on and off. I'm not sure why they keep getting sick. We eat healthy, wash our hands like maniacs and I sanitize when necessary, I guess the bright side is, it's building up her immunities. It seems like ever since K started preschool, there's been more sickness in our house. Probably because of being around other kids alot. Oh well, that's life. A is pretty much just wanting to be held and cuddled most of the time and she looks like a little zombie, poor thing. Her eyes are all droopy and sad looking. She is eating a little bit. For the past few days, I knew some sort of sickness was coming on by the way she was acting. Isn't it neat that as mom's we just know these things? Anyway, not much else to write about today except for I've been selling more of my jewelry lately and am really excited about it. It's a really great feeling when something you do for a hobby becomes something people are actually interested in and like enough to buy. Well, hope everyone is enjoying their Veteran's Day.

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Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to find out you guys aren't feeling well again! And I'm sad that we'll have to post pone a play date yet again! Hope A feels better quickly and we'll touch base soon. Blessings!