Friday, October 12, 2007

I Love Fall!

We love fall. I especially love the pumpkins, the changing of the leaves, and the cool, crisp, 80 degree weather. It didn't exactly feel like fall but, we enjoyed it anyway.
Our hayride around the beautiful farm lasted about 25 minutes. It made us miss where we used to live. Last year we went to a pumpkin market near the city and the hayride consisted of three times around a large circle of grass. Not exactly what we were expecting but, this year we were not disappointed, especially at only $2 for us and $1 for the kids!
Thank You to Baughman's Tree Farm in Geneseo for a wonderful Fall experience! We have already decided to return to pick out our tree at Christmastime!


The Chapmans said...

Gina, I was being nosy on someone else's website (Katie's) when I saw a name with daisies in it and I thought. Hmm...I wonder if that is Gina? And sure enough here's your blog!

How fun. I will check it often! Looking forward to getting together!

Katy said...

What a great time! i love fall too and you have a beautiful family!!! :)