Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Forgetful Me.

Does forgetting things mean that you are getting old? I sure hope not because, if it does than I am officially old.
I have been forgetting a lot of things lately. Important things. Things like meal planning and grocery shopping. Yep, that's me. Bad wife and mom.
Here's the story...
Without sounding like I am complaining or that my life is busier than anyone else's life, I will just say that our life is busy. My plate is pretty full, and most days I feel like I am on auto-pilot just going through the day, drop into bed and get up and do it again.
This past Saturday, I had errands to run, we were going to a birthday party and expecting an overnight guest that evening so, I was busy preparing for that. At 10:35, I discovered that I had forgotten all about my daughter's ballet class at 10am. The class ends at 10:45 so it was too late to take her at that point. Ugh. I did not tell her we missed it, and thankfully she did not notice. The crazy thing is, I have it scheduled in my phone and to alert me ahead of time. I must have completely missed it.
Then, yesterday was another strange day. Mondays are very weird for me. I am usually completely exhausted on Mondays due to the craziness of our Sundays but, I just went about my day, took the kiddos to the Library and did some cleaning. (Oh, I forgot to mention that we are looking for another apartment. We are not moving out of the area, just looking for another place.) A couple was coming to look at the apartment so, that is why I was cleaning and another reason why things have been a little crazy. Also, I was going to have dinner with a friend at 5:30. I was making dinner for my family before I left, and rushed out the door to meet my friend. I got back, chatted with my husband for awhile and then basically fell into bed.
My husband came into the bedroom this morning, I had apparently slept through my alarm (again), and he asked me if I was going grocery shopping this morning. I usually grocery shop on early Tuesday mornings to beat the rush. (trust me, it's crazy.) I just looked up and said "ummmm, I guess not." I had totally forgotten to plan my meals or write a list, or anything.
That is sort of important. What is up with me? Maybe I need another vacation of something? A new brain, maybe? Maybe I just need to clear a few things off of my plate? Hmmm....

Ok. Make me feel better... have you forgotten about anything important lately?

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