Tuesday, May 31, 2011


This is my excuse for lumping a bunch of random things into one post. Thanks for humoring me.
  • We were out of town last week. We went back to NY for a Conference. We stayed with a friend and had lots of fun.
  • I still have not finished unpacking from the trip. (we've been home for 3 days)
  • I have tons of laundry to do.
  • This weather has been rocking.
  • Someone brought 16 people to church on Sunday. Awesome.
  • K was in the Memorial Day parade in Harvard Square yesterday with his baseball team. It was so cute. Glad the weather was nice. (pics to come)
  • We had a cookout last night with some friends. I always worry about not having enough food but, we had leftovers!
  • I think I have some sort of allergies, my eyes are constantly itching and I've been having dull headaches.
  • I hate shorts. I'm sure I've mentioned it before. I wear them out of necessity but, I usually have to force myself. I am definitely going to find some skirts and dresses to wear this summer.
  • I think today we will have a picnic. I love picnics. Any excuse to eat outside, really.
  • We ate breakfast outside this morning but, these 2 humongous bees decided to interrupt us. The kids ran screaming into our house. That was the end of that.
  • The water is turned on at our local park so, that will provide lots of afternoon entertainment.
  • I found a chair. On the side of the road. In great condition. It is green, my favorite color. It doesn't really go with anything but, I don't care. It's comfy. (I'll show a pic of that, too.)
  • My daughter is obsessed with the Tangled soundtrack. It plays constantly and she has every song memorized. Consequently, so do I. :)
  • Mandy Moore was the perfect choice for the voice of a disney princess. (in my opinion)
I think that's enough randomness for today! Hope your week is off to a great start!

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