Friday, April 1, 2011

Future Early Riser...

I do not consider myself a self-motivated person. I'm not driven by nature. In other words, sometimes I need a kick-in-the-pants to get going. I make lists but, do not follow them, in fact lists overwhelm me. I work better if I write one thing down, do it and move on. I have to make goals that way too. Once I have reached a goal, then I can move on to the next one. When I write them all down at once, I'm looking at a list of 100 things and I get a little sweaty and my heart starts beating really fast, and I think I have to do it all right now. One day at a time, that's more my pace. Here is my recent goal.

I have decided that I would really like to start getting up earlier than normal. This is a tough thing for me. I am not a morning person. Honestly, I am not feelin' the love early in the a.m. Trust me. But, lately I've been finding that I don't really have a time where I am alone in the peace and quiet, especially to be with God. This is a problem for me. I find if I'm not spending time reading my Bible and praying then I suffer, and so does my family. It is like spiritual fuel, and honestly, I'm running on almost empty.

As much as I {strongly} dislike getting up early, I know this is something that will help me. My problem is, I get up when the kids are already up, have breakfast, school time, other things and activities throughout the day and I haven't taken the time to "recharge my batteries" so to speak. I'm not at the place where I feel I need to read my Bible and pray because I have to. I do it because I need to. Yesterday was a rough day, one of the roughest in a while and it was because of me. I know with God's help I can do this. It may be a struggle at first but, I'm excited for the results...and maybe a little desperate.

So...the reason I'm posting about this is to sort of keep myself accountable. It is out there for all to see, to serve as motivation. Feel free to comment and offer any advice/suggestions and even check in with me to see how it's going.

Happy Weekend.


lauren ashley said...

I completely understand,
sleeping in can be my bff,

praise God though that He
can be our rest and your fuel
even when in the midst
of the mundane and business
of life.

hopefully you'll see results and
it will get easier to get
up in the morning.
you can do this!

<3 your awesome.

G. said...

Thank You for your encouragement, Lauren Ashley! I'll keep you updated on the results. :)