Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My little A turned 5 yesterday *sniff*, and we had a big bash. 10 kids in a small space, it was fun and crazy but, mostly fun. Pictures will come soon but, for now we will carry on the tradition of the birthday interview. Here's how it works... I ask the kiddos questions, they answer and I share with you. Simple, fun, and sometimes funny! So, here goes.

How old are you today? 5

What is your favorite color? green and pink and purple actually.

Favorite toy? Disney Barbies

Favorite song? I like Disney.

Favorite food? Grilled Cheese

Favorite book? Green Eggs and Ham

If you could be anything in the world, what would it be? A dancer, like a ballerina dancer.

Why? I think they're nice.

What is the meaning of life? Jesus (as she points to the sky)

What is your favorite thing to do? going to the Library.

What is the sport you like to play most? Golf. (never played in her life)

Why, golf? I like it.

Do you mean mini-golf? Shakes her head yes.

You like mini-golf? uh-huh!

Do you talk to God? Yes.

What do you say to him? I love him so much and He's the best King ever.

What does He say to you? I'm the best ever and he says he loves me so much.

How does that make you feel? umm...good.

How does it feel to be 5 years old? Really good, it's like I get to relax and play games.

Any last words? nope. bye!

Stay tuned for all the details on the Princess Party!!

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