Monday, March 7, 2011


My kids get bored. Especially in the Winter. And to be perfectly honest, I have just plum run out of ideas. On days when they are really bored, and I'm out of ideas to entertain them...they entertain themselves which I am a HUGE fan of. They have been getting better at playing together without fighting which I am also a HUGE fan of. Other times, they will go their separate ways and maybe color or craft or whatever they are in the mood for. But on this particular day...

They used up all (well most of) "A's" barrettes and hair bows and went to town.
Yes, this was a collaborative effort and yes, I let her wear it like that.
We had people over that night and she received many compliments.
I mean, why wouldn't she, it's very expressive of her personality.

Honestly, If I could pull off wearing all of those accessories in my hair at once, I probably would. Maybe.

What do your kids do when they are bored? Maybe I'll borrow some of your ideas. :)

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Cynthia and the farm house said...

Too cute! I too am a huge fan of independent play!!