Saturday, February 26, 2011


Warning: This post has no point whatsoever. Some might even call it wasted space. I call it like it is...random. Random and I are very tight...almost related. *smile*

"Yikes" is my word. It has a number of different uses. Here, I'll give you some examples.

One of my kiddos spills something ...."Yikes"
During a conversation when something said is surprising or sad or alarming...."Yikes"
One of the kids gets hurt..."Yikes"
I'm feeling overwhelmed when the kiddos are arguing over the same toy yet again...."Yikes"
I'm late for an appointment...."Yikes"
I'm annoyed...."Yikes"
I'm in pain..."Yikes"
I'm empathizing...."Yikes"

You get the point. When I don't know what to say, I say "Yikes."Used especially in more serious or uncomfortable situations usually. I'm sure it's become extremely annoying to people around me. Maybe it's time for me to get another word. I might go through a little withdraw, though.

Do you have a word? Do tell.

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Emily said...

Yikes is a good one! I say Geez Louise a lot!!

jlcoates said...

Haha I use the word "obnoxious" all the time... If something's outrageous, it's obnoxious, if someone is being funny, they're obnoxious, or if something is annoying, bizarre, or ridiculous, it's obnoxious. My friends think it's absurd/funny, or as I would say, obnoxious:p