Monday, January 17, 2011

The Weekend that Was...

Well, it's Monday. All of my days have been sort of blending together lately. I'm surprised I know it is Monday. We have had quite the last few weeks since Christmas. Lovely whirlwinds of sickness have been passing through and have yet to leave.
"A" started off with a perpetual cough with no end in sight. Just a dry cough, nothing more. Then, on Thursday, she had a fever. All day Thursday and Friday, she was feverish then, Saturday the fever was gone but, still coughing. "K" started coughing on Saturday but, woke up Sunday morning coughing more with a high-normal temp of 99.8. Kent left for church at 8:15 and shortly after that, "K" started complaining of a tummy ache. After a little while, it got worse. He started crying out in pain that his tummy was hurting really bad. At first I thought, "Maybe it's a bug, we'll wait it out and see."

Kent got home around 1 in the afternoon and Kole's crying would not stop and he had not thrown up or even gone to the bathroom. I started to get a little nervous. All of the questions started flooding my mind "What if it's appendicitis....what if it's something serious?"
Kent and I decided upon calling the Pediatric Urgent Care and talking to a nurse to see what we should do. I thought surely if he was going to be sick, it would have happened by now and the amount of pain that seemed to be happening was abnormal. He also was barely able to stand up or walk because he said it hurt too much. Another red flag.

I talked to the nurse and explained what had been happening. She asked me several questions and she suggested we take him to the Hospital. Yikes. She was so helpful and kind and she said that even if it is nothing, it is better to be safe than not, especially with the pain he was having and the fact that he hadn't vomited.

So... "K" said he wanted Daddy to take him (he is a HUGE fan of daddy). We got him all dressed and ready to go and just as they were walking out the door....yup. He puked. Not a lot but, he puked nonetheless. Now what? I made a quick call back to the nurse and told her what had happened and she said "if he's still having the pain, just take him in. We don't want to mess around just in case." Off they went.

I will not bore you (any longer) with the rest of the details but, 6 hours, an x-ray, a blood test, and an ultrasound later...nothing. Must have just been a bug I guess but, the weirdest case of the stomach bug I've ever encountered. He never threw up again, he's been able to keep food down. He's better today, a little sluggish and still coughing but, better.

I feel confident in our decision to take him to the hospital just because I never want to take a chance on something being more serious, especially since the nurse was encouraging us to do so. I felt a little silly afterwards but, the way he was acting was so uncharacteristic and strange compared to what I've seen in the stomach bug so, it concerned me.

In the end "K" said his hospital experience was fun because he got his very own can of ginger ale. "Who knew the hospital could be so fun?" he said.

Here's to hoping everyone gets well and we have a better week than the last 4 days have been.
Needless to say...I'm pooped.

P.S. I'm keeping the giveaway open for another day or so. Hopefully we'll get some more entries!

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Jenny said...

Oh, I hope everyone is feeling better soon! I'm so glad it was nothing serious. We've done the hospital/urgent care runs over nothing several times as well--yes, you do feel kind of silly later (and a bit frustrated when the ER bill shows up in the mail) but it's SO MUCH better than taking a chance on missing something serious!!