Thursday, January 13, 2011

My New Favorite Thing...

For those of you who are gluten-free, Is That Gluten Free? is the app for you! I found it last week and splurged $7.99 of my Christmas money on it and boy, was it worth it, and I NEVER pay for apps. (I'm cheap like that).
One of the biggest challenges of eating gluten-free (at least for me) is the shopping. I eat very simply but, when I get to the grocery store to buy a can of tomatoes, or beans, or even yogurt...I have found myself frustrated and confused as to whether or not a specific item contains gluten.
Well, this app has been a tremendous help.

It has a whole database of brands, products and ingredients that have been verified from the manufacturer as being gluten free, all right there in this little app. No more scouring the internet to find out if my spices have gluten in them, this app has it. Searching for a breath mint or gum that is gluten-free? No problem, this app has it. They not only have just the "gluten free" brands but, major brands and store brands that have products that do not contain gluten. If you can't tell, I'm really excited about this app.

Another cool feature is that it even helps you decode ingredients to watch out for. We don't eat many processed foods but, I have especially found it helpful for beans, canned tomatoes, toothpastes, mints, etc.. the things I use on a daily basis and even when visiting family where there kitchens are not stocked with gluten-free items, I can do a quick check on this app to make sure that what I am eating is safe. It's well worth the money for this app and I highly recommend it. Especially if you are newly diagnosed and a beginner at eating gluten free.
Enough of my rambling...

If you have a smart phone, what's your favorite app? I'd love to know.

*the opinions expressed are my own, I was not compensated in any way to tell you this information, I just felt like it. :)

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