Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Autumn in the City...

Over the summer, I did a few posts entitled "Summer in the city" where I would show things we did around the city. I thought it might be fun to do the same for fall or autumn. I like autumn, it sounds fancier. Anyway...we have several lovely parks within a short distance from our place. Monday was such a beautiful day here, we met some friends in the park.
Here they are in true form.
Most of the leaves on the ground were yellow and brown but,
"K" managed to find a bright orange one, which he was very proud of.
You just can't resist with so many leaves.
I'm convinced that the reason leaves fall in the
first place, is so we can play in them! :)
just hanging around...she was trying to hang on
for as long as possible without me helping her.

A time at the park always ends with a swing.

I will be visiting my mom over the next few days so, I'll be taking a little blogging break.
Until then...
Next week, I'll have some pictures and details!