Monday, August 23, 2010

What a Mug!

I love mugs. Big, bold, comfy mugs. Recently I've been searching online for some new dishes to put on my Christmas list and would you believe that I usually choose based on what the mugs that go with the set look like? A good mug is very important. Just 2 years ago, I grew tired of our dishes that we've had since our wedding (2000) which did not have matching mugs. Wanting to be frugal I went to the Dollar store and picked out some dishes that I liked. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and needed at least 8 place settings. Well, needless to say that since they are not the best quality, many of them are cracked and chipped...and didn't have matching mugs.
I am in search of a lovely new set of dishes that have matching mugs!
I thought I might dream a little so, I went to the Anthropologie website to get some ideas and I found these adorable mugs (picture left). I thought, "Oh, those are so cute- and have no handles, how fun!" Then, I saw the price...$128! Yikes! for 4.
They are porcelain and they are handpainted, but they will stay at Anthropologie for me to dream over because I will never spend that much for mugs no matter how beautiful. Now, if it's a really good one maybe $10 but, these puppies are nearly $30 each.
Any suggestions on where to get some reasonably priced dishes? Oh, and tell me how much, if at all you like mugs!


Casey said...

I collect mugs (plates too!)...I usually find them at thrift stores, Urban Outfitters, Pier 1, and clearance shelves at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I never let myself spend more than $5 on them because I have too many as it is! :)

Andrea @ said...

If you don't want them all the same I say definitely check out thrift stores. You can get some really great dishes.