Saturday, August 21, 2010

"I'm The Chef!"

All parents with more than one child know, they don't always get along. Some days my kiddos are best friends and the next day they are on each other's nerves.
One day last week, they decided that they wanted to make a "cooking show" for tv and I told them I would record it on my phone. They each took turns being the "chef." This incident caught on video was "A's" turn to be the "chef." Let's see what unfolds...

Look out Gordon Ramsey! :)
Just a little proof that my kids are not perfect.
Needless, to say shortly after, we ended our cooking session for the afternoon while a certain chef spent some time in her room. I reminded her that choking is not allowed on cooking least not on daytime.

*The sound isn't the greatest because I realized that my thumb was covering the microphone most of the time. You can hear me intervening at one point.

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