Monday, June 14, 2010

Currently Bugged.

So, these days it seems everyone is just eating up all of the "frugal" commercialism that's been going on. Frugal this, budget that, cheap somethings everywhere you look, even in some recent blogs I have been reading. It's driving me a little nuts to be honest.
The problem I have with this is that these people lump everyone into the same budget mold. One might be able to afford your "frugal" $50 dress while another may not. A recipe touting "cheap family meals"that cost $20 per meal may be fine for some who spend $200 per week on their groceries but, maybe not for others. I'm sure the people who write these articles are well-meaning and on budgets themselves but, we can't forget we live in a society where everyone is of varying incomes and what is budget-friendly for some may not be for others.
That's all. :)

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