Monday, February 1, 2010

On my mind...

Haiti still weighs heavy on my heart. I have not forgotten the images of babies and young children without their parents, of parents without their children, those struggling to survive, those that did not survive. It is all very sad. It is a time that makes us take the focus off of ourselves and shift it to something greater. I struggle with guilt at times, thinking of how blessed I am and how others are struggling to survive. I go back and forth between feeling like I don't deserve what I have or appreciate it enough to complete and utter thankfulness for my many blessings.
I may have more than one person and less than another but, one thing I know for sure is that God doesn't bless me so I can keep it all to myself. He blesses me so that I can be a blessing. When I see the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere suffer this enormous tragedy, all I could think of was, I have much much more than they will probably ever have, what can I do about that? I know many of Americans and many others in different countries felt the same way. I am amazed as I watch the benevolence of others at a time like this. Not only giving from their personal resources but, of their time as well.
I know it is easy to move on with our lives and let the story fade to the background.
I want to keep this in the forefront of my mind to remind me that even when I move on with my life, there are people who need help everywhere. Even in my neighborhood. I want to keep people in need at the forefront of my mind and heart because they are at the forefront of God's heart.
I wanted to highlight a special organization that I believe in with all of my heart. They do amazing things for the poor all over the world. It is called Samaritan's Purse. You may have heard of them or maybe not. Most recently, they delivered 42 Metric tons of rice to Haiti but, that's not the extent of what they have done. They give medical care, food, and clean water just to name a few. They are a faith-based organization and I cannot say enough good about what they do. Check out their website Here . There is more information on their website, along with some video footage of Haiti, and other things they do as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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