Friday, January 29, 2010

My Very Own Fancy Nancy!

Have you discovered the Fancy Nancy Books Yet? If you have not and you have little must!
We took a trip to the Library yesterday and I just happened to stumble across these books on the shelf when I was looking for something else. I have heard of Fancy Nancy but, have never read any of the books. Let me just say that they are adorable. My daughter fell in love with Nancy. The illustrations in the book are so bright and colorful, "A" was completely engaged. In fact, I think I ended up reading each one at least three times (no joke.)
After I read the first book, I noticed some similarities between Nancy and my own daughter. Maybe that's why she loved the books so much. As we read the second book, I told "A", I think Fancy Nancy is your long lost sister, and she said "yeah!" Here's a picture to prove it...
It's so fun to have a little girl!
(it's fun to have boys too, of course.)

If you have kiddos...What are some of your favorite things about having little girls?
Or boys? :)

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