Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmases!

Well, we had quite the eventful Christmas this year. A few years ago we started a tradition of staying home at Christmas and traveling to see family the day after. This year the distance between us and our family helped us to change our mind. Usually, my mom would come to Rochester and be with us on Christmas day but, obviously being almost 9 hours away, that wasn't going to be the case. So, we ventured back to New York and Pennsylvania for the Holidays. It was a ton of fun but we were definitely exausted after all of the busyness.

We celebrated our family Christmas the day before we left. The kids were excited to open their presents early. Here they are with some of their gifts. "K" received his first "real" guitar. Daddy will be giving him lessons. "A" is with her new baby she named "Ella".
Here we are with my dad, stepmom and brother.
Here are the kids with their cousins Emma, Claire and Abagail.
We were missing our brand new Christmas-born cousin Natalia, her 2 sisters
and brother and cousin Zipporah. For some reason we didn't get
a picture with the kids and their nana. :(
Santa and Mrs. Clause with my mom (Namma)
Who said snuggies were only a gag gift? These little guys love them!!
they came with slipper-socks, too! Thanks, Namma. :)
Oh, and I can't forget about their little handheld games.
Unfortunately, I noticed we neglected to take pictures at Kent's dad's house. I can't believe it! We'll have to take extra next time to make up for it! :)

Our Holidays were full of fun and memories. It was wonderful to spend time with our families. "K" and "A" were so happy to see their grandparents and hang out with their cousins. I cherish every moment we get to spend with loved ones....

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Gudl said...

Looks like you had nice holidays!
Nice photos! Thanks for sharing.
Happy New Year!