Sunday, November 29, 2009

Times with friends...

Yesterday was a special day. A day of tradition with extra special people mixed in. Friends from New York came to visit over the Holiday and we had an exceptional time. Yesterday we ventured out to Marlborough Massachusetts to do our annual tree hunting. It was great to have them along. We found a small, simple farm with lovely trees. It was not raining or snowing, but boy was it windy. We trampled through the forest of trees to find the "perfect one." not too big, not too small, not too fat. Perfect for the corner near the fireplace. Alas, we found it. After much discussion and going back and forth, we had decided on one. Kent and the kids helped cut the tree down and loaded it onto a pull sled. Hot chocolate and candy canes satisfied our chills, and our sweet tooth. For a split second, I felt as though we were back in New York. In our small town, picking out our tree like always. I quickly remembered where we were as we arrived back in the city. We all decorated our tree while listening to Christmas carols and sipping hot spiced cider. I wouldn't have changed a thing. It was the perfect ending to a great week. Now, Kent is heading back to NY for a meeting and the kids and I are very tired from the weeks festivities and a little crabby I might add. (Me, mostly). I would love a nap. We'll see. Our table will be graced with leftovers once again and our hearts will be full of memories with special friends. I am now listening to banging and screaming from the upstairs bedroom...needless to say, time for me to close. :)
Pictures to come.

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Darlene Sinclair said...

Gina, thank you for dropping by and blessing me with encouraging words.
I am excited every time I hear of your adventure in church planting. May you be blessed there in your home and ministry! Keep in touch... Love to all.