Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Creative Snack!

The makings of a yummy snack...
Add a little creativity...
A deeelicious ladybug treat!!!
This idea is from K's Your Big Backyard magazine!
Here's what you'll need if you want to try it...
Mini chocolate chips
Pretzel sticks*
*the original idea suggested using black string licorice for the legs but, we opted for pretzel sticks instead and they worked just fine.
How to: Kids will need help with the toothpicks for obvious reasons. :) we broke the toothpicks in half and stuck one through a strawberry and then put a blueberry on the end to make a head. Then, turn the mini chips upside down and stick them into the stawberry for the dots. Add the pretzel legs...and there you have it. Make sure to remove the toothpick before eating! Lot of fun to make, and eat!!! You can also just let them have creative freedom and make whatever they want!


Jenny said...

Cute AND tasty! What a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

Yummy - can't go wrong with fresh fruits and a little salt!! :)