Tuesday, April 21, 2009

It's The Simple Things...

Have you ever noticed that kids will take normal, everyday items and turn them into the coolest playthings? Mine do it all of the time. I've been observing more and more lately and It's amazing how creative little ones are... it's not just my kids but all kids. If you let them discover, their little imaginations can run wild. It's pretty cool. Here's some examples of stuff my kiddos do...
  • A paper grocery bag can be turned into a vest or a shirt when cut and decorated with (washable) markers. :)
  • Chopsticks can be turned into conductors wands...while mommy sings the ABC's!
  • Chopsticks are also cool for eating raisins and sandwiches cut into tiny squares.
  • A twisty straw can be a cool slide for batman.
  • Penne pasta makes really cool play people.
  • Books make great car ramps.
  • Empty tissue boxes can be a bed for stuffed friends.
  • Oh, and twisty straws also make great princess scepters.
  • Shopping bags also can double as briefcases, doll baby carriers, etc...

I love watching what they will come up with next! I'd love to hear about how your kids express their creativity...please share!!!

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Courtney @ splashing grace said...

well, mom makes a great jungle gym ;) we had an old twin mattress that the big kids prop up so the little kids can use it as a slide. It's so much fun to watch our older kids use their imaginations to make fun for the little ones