Friday, March 6, 2009

Random Thoughts on the day...

Well, it's Friday! I remember (pre-kids) when I used to work and how much I looked forward to the weekends. A chance to relax and have some fun before the beginning of another work week. I still look forward to the weekends but, in a different way. As moms, I feel that there is always something to be working on but, I look at fridays as a day to look forward to. It especially helps when I'm having a rather tough week. We often plan family nights on Friday which I have shared before. My husband will be gone this weekend but, I still plan a fun activity with the kids. Tonight we will make pizza together and eat it while watching a movie. K&A were quite excited about that idea when I announced it this morning at breakfast. It's also 50 degrees here, which in this area may as well be summer! So, lots of outside play for us.

Thursdays is usually our Library day but, we skipped yesterday so, maybe today we will venture out to get some more books. It is impossible to leave the Library with less than 7 or 8 books...and that's just for me. After being the one to have to lug so many books to and from the library, I came up with an idea that has been working for us I give each of the kids a little tote bag and they can fill it up with as many books as they can carry themselves. If the bag is too heavy then, there are too many books in it. It is often hard for them to decide which books to put back so, sometimes I throw a couple in to my own bag. It definitely cuts down on having tons of books to keep track of as well.

If you're looking for another blog to add to your growing list of favorite reads, then I suggest you check out Mom and Us. It's a wonderful blog written by a mom and her 7 daughters. There are posts on everything from cooking, biblical motherhood, being a wife, even relating to your teenager. (which I found very helpful for the future). Please check it out. You will be blessed.

Have a great weekend!!!

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Lisa Petrarca said...

I always look forward to the's great to have family time.

I love your Blog!

Anonymous said...

That's a clever way to limit how many books come home . . . I've been letting mine pick out eight apiece; then I get to pick out four for a total of twenty. But then they discovered the nonfiction stacks!

Do you let them drag the tote bag?

Thanks for the insight!