Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Day!

About 2 weeks ago we went out to the pumpkin farm for our annual Pumpkin picking day! We had a ball! The kiddos spotted this huge pumpkin and posed for a photo op!

Here's A in the pumpkin patch picking out the perfect pumpkin!
The little ones and daddy on the hayride!
At home painting our pumpkins.
Kent preparing to carve his pumpkin! (and being silly!)
We roasted the seeds...which is one of my fave parts.

A's finished product (with a little help from me!)
K's finished pumpkin.Kent's finished pumpkin!

We had alot of fun! We always look forward to the hayride and getting to search through the pumpkin patch for the perfect pumpkins! If you're interested in what we did last year, click HeRe! For how to make pumpkin seeds click Here!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I'm loving seeing all the fall outings! Yours looks as if it was a blast! I love the big pumpkin photo op :) Your kids are so sweet!

I love roasted pumpkin seeds too Yum!


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Precious pumpkins! I love the one with the cross! Great idea letting the little ones paint them! Love that!

Off to see how to do the pumpkin seeds!


Tabitha Blue said...

Great photos at your annual pumpkin picking day!! I think painted pumpkins are such a great idea!! I've got my pumpkins and paint, but right now they are still naked! The cross is a great idea too, he did a great job!

We LOVE the roasted seeds too!!! We made pumpkin butter this year and picked out every last seed we could to bake, the were perfect!!
Off to see what you did last year!


Emily said...

Awwww, I love the pumpkin farm even though the pumpkins at ours are all over priced and the place is always so crowded. It's all about the experience, right?!

The painted punkins are adorable!

Jenny said...

How fun! It looks like you and the kids had a great time. We bought pumpkins on Monday...didn't get to choose them from the field, though...they were all laid out on tables. Not quite as much fun, but it works. I'll have to go check out how you do your seeds. We love roasted pumpkin seeds! I bought the smaller sugar pumpkins so we could make lots of pumpkin bread, pie, etc. We'll be doing a lot of baking over the next week or so!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i love roasted pumpkin seeds! i seriously hope i can carve out some time to do it this year... haha no pun intended LOL