Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We've Hit A Milestone!

Yes folks, we've hit a milestone! My son learned to ride his bike...without training wheels! YAY! I'm so excited. It all started with a visit to Nana's house where his older cousins were riding their bikes without training wheels. He was inspired. "I want to try that" he said. Daddy thought that he was ready. It was a kind of sentimental occasion because Kent was teaching K to ride his bike in the very same place he learned to ride his. Nana had an extra bike so, he hopped on and he practiced on the back lawn which happened to be the perfect place because there were a few spills, of course. After a couple more times of practice, we took him to a nearby park that has a nice open space to ride. Our yard is small and driveway very steep so, we didn't feel comfortable with him riding there. Here are the results of his hard work... look at him...all by himself...I'm so proud!
There's several skate ramps there that tempted him, of course but, we encouraged
him against it. (for another 10 years!) :)

So happy with himself!
Taking a break from all of that hard work!

We realized that he is quickly growing out of this bike and will need a new one by next year. Kent is excited about picking one out because he loves to ride, as well. It will be fun when we can all ride together! Next, is A. We can't even get her to ride her tricycle...we'll see what happens!


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