Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Must Confess...

  • When my husband is travelling...I sleep with the lights on.
  • If I run out of dish soap...sometimes I'll use handsoap to wash the dishes.
  • I'm a "worry-wart."
  • I don't eat breakfast (maybe once a week. I know, I'm bad.)
  • I'm a procrastinator
  • Sometimes I go a day without showering.
  • I only wash my hair every other day.
  • I sleep on my stomach
  • Sometimes I let the kids eat cereal for lunch, and if daddy's gone...sometimes for dinner but, not in the same day. :)
  • I don't always go the speed limit.
  • I daydream about having a dishwasher.
  • I talk to myself...even in public sometimes...I get stares. :)
  • I hate when my clothes have wrinkles.
  • I like ironing.
  • Napolean Dynamite was a great movie.
  • I like Reality TV shows (the performance ones)
  • I still sing in the mirror with a hairbrush. The kids get a kick out of that one. :)

Ahhh there. I feel better.

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*Another note...these are not confessions of things I do when my husband is gone...only a couple, the rest are just general confessions. :)


Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

at first when i read this, i thought these were all the things you were confessing to doing when you're husband is travelling... then i got it :)

did you join the favorite things swap at pink potpourri?

Circular Logic said...

When I read these, I was like "Oh my gosh, me too!" for a few of them... (And "No way dude!") for some others.

*One time when Chris went away, I slept with the lights on cuz there was a drug bust next door.

*I procrastinate, too...I'm useless without a to do list. Then I have to hope that I don't lose the list ;)

*We have "No Shower Saturdays" sometimes. It's our water conservation program.

*But I have to wash my hair everyday b/c it gets stringy. Unless it's No Shower Saturday. Then I have a what-the-heck attitude.

*I sleep on my stomach, too. Mmmm, comfy!

*I know that two of my four Jettas could hit 100 mph. Haven't tried it with the new one. Yet.

*I hate when my clothes have wrinkles...

*...but I try to wish them away. Mind if I drop off next week's clothes for you to iron? ;)

(I really do iron, but I do so begrudgingly.)

*I still quote Napoleon Dynamite.

*No reality TV for me.

And finally...

*I don't sing for the sake of those I love.

Now I realize I've probably written too much! This put me in a silly mood :P

Crazy Momma said...

First and foremost, I usually hate music on a blog...annoys me beyond belief. BUT, how could you be annoyed by a play list like THAT? Barracuda? LOVE IT!

I also love the confessions :) I too sleep with the lights on if DH is not home...

Thanks for sharing the bloggy love today from SITS!