Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wordless Wednesday With a Twist.

This week's WWWAT theme is "Uniform" and I instantly thought of this picture and couldn't wait!
My brother is in the army, and he gave this uniform to K for Christmas a couple of years ago. K's name is even on the dog-tag. Obviously, K is a little younger here but, I just love this picture. We were on our way to Uncle Joel's commissioning ceremony. The outfit no longer fits him but, it is safely tucked away. Maybe A will fit into it soon. :)

Head on Over to American Mum and check out some more "uniform" photos and even vote for your favorite!


Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

That is awesome! What a special gift for K - I bet his kids will love to play in it someday!!


Ashlie said...

How stinking cute!! Your little boy looks so adorable, and I am sure that gift will be something he will treasure when he gets older!

american mum said...

He's precious! What a cool gift! Thanks for participating.

Jessica said...

What a cutie pie!

Melissa said...

he's so cute! I love the uniform!